Hot Air Balloon Ride Toronto

Hot Air Balloon Booking Policy

All hot air balloon flights must be booked by telephone. Flights cannot be booked by email.

Flight certificates are non-refundable. They are transferable. After purchasing a hot air balloon flight certificate, you may call during business hours to schedule the flight. Payment is due in full at time of purchase. Flight certificates will be mailed to you immediately upon receipt of payment.

In case of unsafe flying weather, we will re-book hot air balloon rides as many times as necessary. Should you fail to annually or seasonly schedule a flight or cancel less than 72 hours in advance, the full fare is due. We are not responsible for the weather conditions and the decision to fly or not to fly is at the sole discretion of the pilot in command.

As per Canadian Aviation Regulations, intoxicated persons will not be allowed on board and the full fare will be due. Each passenger must provide their accurate weight at time of booking.

Additional Information

Our flights average 45 – 60 minutes in the air but can be lengthened or shortened by conditions. Plan to be with us for 3- 4 hours in total for your adventure.

There is no feeling of motion in hot air balloons and people do not experience any motion sickness on a hot air balloon flight.

Hot air balloons fly with the wind and cannot be steered. The chase crew will drive you back to your cars at our launch site for our after-flight celebration.

Passengers must be physically fit and able to stand for at least an hour. Persons who have had recent surgeries and pregnant women will be declined. If you have any concerns about your health and flying, consult your physician. The minimum age to fly is 12 years of age.

You should dress according to weather conditions on day of flight. Dresses, sandals or open toe shoes are not recommended. Purses should be small and a light jacket and long pants are preferable for evening hot air balloon flights. Bring your camera on board for some fantastic photo opportunities.

At the conclusion of each hot air balloon flight, there will be a champagne celebration. Non- alcoholic champagne and assorted cold beverages are also available. A certificate commemorating your hot air balloon flight will be issued.

Launch Site

Uptuit Balloons representative and Corporate Pilot Hal Cooper has experience with media coverage, live radio and as a conference speaker giving your company the opportunity for different forms of exposure.

The majority of our hot air balloon rides take place in the Rice Lake area, about an hour’s drive east of Toronto. Since we travel with the wind, our launch location varies depending on the direction of prevailing winds on that day. When you call approximately 2 hours prior to your flight, you will receive further instructions about launch location.

On the day of your hot air balloon flight, we will meet you at a location close to the launch site and transport you in our vehicles to the launch area. When your flight concludes, we will celebrate your adventure with a champagne celebration (non-alcoholic available) and return you to your vehicle. Plan to be with us for 3-4 hours.

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Hot Air Balloon Ride Toronto